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Developing your firm’s strategy checklist

Reviewing an accounting firm’s strategic structure is a valuable process for the alignment of Partners to the firm’s strategic plan. In fact, it is a valuable process for any business and a perfect entry into more advisory based strategic planning services for your business clients. The following 15-point Strategy Checklist is a practical review to…

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The key pillars of strategic success

Strategic success concept

In the realm of strategic success, the key pillars can vary depending on the industry and context, particularly in the realm of accounting firms. However, here are some common pillars that significantly contribute to achieving strategic success: Vision A clear and compelling vision provides direction and purpose to an organisation. It outlines the long-term goals…

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The Need for Successful Succession Planning: Can You Afford to Retire?

building for the future with succession planning

When your business constitutes a significant portion of your income and wealth, effective succession planning becomes pivotal for growing and realising your business’s value. Securing the maximum return on your business investment is the ultimate goal of a well-executed succession plan. This article explores the critical connection between determining your current business worth and aligning…

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Lessons for Accounting Firms from the Dentist

Streamlining Workflow, Enhancing Client Service, and Boosting Profitability Last week I was lying on my back with bright lights shining in my face, watching a television display of exotic marine life above my head with a dentist prodding around with sharp instruments and a drill inside my mouth. It was hardly the time to be…

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Do You Suffer From Being Good?

In his classic book “Good To Great” author Jim Collins states: ‘Good is the enemy of great.’ Collins further states that the reason why we don’t have great schools, government, companies and even lives, is because we tend to settle for having good schools, government, companies, and lives. If things are going well, it’s often…

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Strategic planning for your firm

With the rise of technology in recent decades and a new generation on the precipice of working for and with the accounting field, the landscape of this industry is ever-changing and needs to be assessed constantly to ensure your work is relevant and reaching your targets. Engaging in strategic planning on a regular basis ensures…

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Opening up new doors in your career

With the new year over and the next financial year creeping up it’s time to move forward, look at things differently and perhaps even head down a new path in your firm. 2023 is the season of new opportunity, so now is the time to refresh your workplace habits to create your own “new beginning.”…

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Think Positive and it Shall Happen!

This month, something a bit different……. As I write this article, it’s night-time, my dog Bobby is sleeping at my feet, I have a cold glass of soft drink (maybe – maybe not) within reach, and as I look out of my window, in the darkness all seems right with the world. It’s quiet and…

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