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Opening up new doors in your career

With the new year over and the next financial year creeping up it’s time to move forward, look at things differently and perhaps even head down a new path in your firm. 2023 is the season of new opportunity, so now is the time to refresh your workplace habits to create your own “new beginning.” Remember, you don’t need to make drastic decisions to start over.

Why not consider adopting these three business practices to refresh your routine and open new doors:

Assess Your Leadership Skills:

I passionately believe and teach accounting professionals that everyone can be considered a leader regardless of their job position. So, take a moment at the beginning of each day to remember that you are a leader, and your actions should reflect your personal values, as well as those of your firm. Empower yourself to find new opportunities to further develop your leadership skills. Maybe volunteer to take on ownership of a new project, mentor a new employee, evaluate your personal career goals, and create new paths to achieve them.

Practice an Environment of Gratitude:

Take a positive attitude, and share it with your team members. Providing genuine care for your people is one key to engage others, and as we have seen, it can directly translate into team members providing a high level of care for clients. Find new ways to appreciate the work that your peers, and leaders are contributing to the organisation. This new level of can result in a happier, more engaged workforce.

Be Curious About Your Surroundings:

Curiosity will lead you down new paths, so now is a great time to be more curious about your surroundings. Take the change in scenery as an opportunity to brainstorm and think outside of the box. Maybe think about moving your weekly meetings to other venues. Innovation stems from new stimuli. Be curious about other firms and companies. What are their business challenges and how have they solved them? You just might be surprised to discover a solution that could apply to your firm.

Finally, my five tips to open more doors:

  1. Begin with gratitude. There’s an old saying “to be happy, don’t do what you like, like what you do.”
  2. Surround yourself with people who are where you want to be now and in the future.
  3. Go the extra mile with team members and clients.
  4. Contribute professionally at conferences, events and through social media
  5. Cultivate a professional standard in everything you do.

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