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Presentation Topics

Professional Development Topics

Mark Holton creates inspiring professional development presentations for each of his speaking events with the objective of achieving his client's desired outcome.


Mark works with you to address your main underlying theme and establish the agenda of your event; he has a flexible approach and confidently works as your event moderator or co-moderates with your other team executives.


Mark Holton is well renowned for his professional speeches and informative presentations.

Below are some topics Mark has presented which can be tailored to specific audiences. He is also open to suggestions and will work with you and your specific requests. 

01 Unlocking your practice's potential

How do professional service firms re-focus from compliance services to value-added reliance services? Mark shares his innovative process that includes insights on the correct firm structure and infrastructure, turning numbers into knowledge, action planning and identifying your client's additional needs.

02 Advisory solutions update

With the market full of business advisory solutions, selecting the most appropriate can be a challenge. This session will consider the available options and will highlight findings from the Smithink Accounting Firm Technology Survey on the successful delivery of business advisory services.

03 Becoming a Financial Storyteller

Today's consultant or coach must provide high-level advisory services as well as simple accounts management. Learn how to be a proficient storyteller, extracting meaning from the numbers and helping clients understand their financial story, using web based techniques like the 4 Chapters, the Power of One and the 3 Big Cash Flow measures.

04 Running the ideal board of advice meeting

A quarterly Board of Advice client meeting is the “low hanging fruit” opportunity that all accounting firms can maximise. In this session, Mark shows how to deliver high-value meetings with a structured approach and engaging content that builds client accountability.

05 Building exceptional customer service

Recently returned from the Exceptional Leaders program at Disney University in Anaheim, California, Mark shares his insights on the hugely successful Disney management model of “on stage and off stage” service delivery and “over managing” through an attention to detail that drives success.

06 Generating profit out of compliance

Maximise opportunities to deliver consulting and planning services based on the backbone of compliance work. Mark will illustrate how you can build growth into your business with financial performance analysis, forecasts and projections, measured futures business models and ‘what-if’ scenarios to help clients establish clear objectives.


The key to building a long term trusted relationship with a customer is to develop the skills to have quality client conversations. Conversations that unlock a client's deep-seated concerns about their business, their family and their finances provides the platform for you to build long term relationships and expand your service offerings.


The success of most organisations depends on the ability of individuals to build effective teams. The main goals of team-building are to improve productivity and motivation. Learn how to develop strategies for leading diverse teams, brainstorming, managing virtual team members, techniques for ensuring effective and productive team meetings, leading vs following and much more!


Often in business, we are asked to sit on boards of charities, sporting clubs, community organisations, and other like-minded organisations. One consideration is “should I accept the appointment?”. The other is understanding the benefit of helping others and doing “your bit” for the community. This session will focus on my experience and the personal benefits gained from working with charities and other not for profits over 25 years as a Board Member and Treasurer and 15 years as a Chairman.


Strategic planning starts with aligning your organisation with its vision, mission, and values. Then take the time to think through where it makes sense to focus your energy and resources in order to reach intended outcomes and results, and ensure all stakeholders are aligned and working toward common goals. This session will help you determine where you are today, where you want to be tomorrow, and more importantly how and when to get there.