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Podcast Library: Accounting Industry Insights with Mark Holton

The business of accounting is constantly changing with evolving cloud technologies and process reengineering by the Government to simplify compliance processing. Accounting practices are facing increased challenges to successfully compete in the marketplace and deliver improved value added services to business owners. To meet these challenges, practices need to assess are they in fact ready to offer a suite of powerful services. This podcast is for you if you are looking to hear what is happening in the accounting industry with Mark's experience and wide network sharing their knowledge with you.

Episode 34

From Startup to Success: A Conversation with Joanne Bell of Bells Accountants


Tune in as Mark sits down with Joanne Bell, the founder of Bells Accountants in the UK, to explore her journey from starting an accountancy business to achieving a £2m turnover in just 15 years. Uncover the secrets behind her success, the key factors that drove her growth, and the valuable lessons she’s learned along the way. From humble beginnings to unique services offered, Joanne shares her story and insights for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners.

Episode 33

Seeing Tomorrow Today: The Art of Business Forecasting


Discover the transformative power of forecasting in business with Michael Ford, CEO of Castaway Forecasting. From his journey in accounting to entrepreneurship, Michael shares valuable insights on the evolution of forecasting and its role in driving positive change. Gain practical advice on transitioning to advisory services, overcoming challenges, and delivering impactful forecasts. Whether you’re an accountant or a business owner, this episode offers essential guidance for leveraging forecasts to fuel growth and performance improvement.

Episode 32

Business First, Accountants Second: A Conversation with Graeme Tennick


Join Mark as he delves into the world of accounting with Graeme Tennick, founder of Tennick Accountants in the UK. Discover what sets Tennick Accountants apart, insights into the UK accounting market, and the impact of Making Tax Digital (MTD). Graeme shares his passion for helping business owners, the evolution of advisory services in his firm, and insights from his unique business book club. Plus, get Graeme’s predictions for the future of the accounting industry worldwide.

Episode 31

Beyond the Ledger: Unveiling the Future of Advisory Services in Accounting


Join Mark for his latest podcast with guest Mick Devine, CEO of Calxa, as they discuss the world of accounting and advisory services. They explore the landscape of accountants who excel in advisory roles and discuss the barriers preventing widespread adoption. Discover the crucial role of reporting in client discussions and the significance of budgeting and cash flow forecasting. Differentiate between management and financial reporting and uncover the power of visually engaging charts and dashboards in enhancing client communication. Tune in to gain valuable insights and stay ahead in the ever-evolving realm of accounting advisory services.

Episode 30

Clean Books, Big Growth: Unveiling Accounting's Profit Path


Join Mark and guest Damien Greathead, Head of the Accountant and Advisor at Intuit Australia, to explore the crucial link between clean books and advisory success. Damien shares global insights, revealing the revenue goldmine for Australian firms—bookkeeping. Delve into why outsourcing became vital and learn how bookkeepers can secure their future. Gain actionable strategies for profitable bookkeeping and understand its transformative impact on accounting firms. Don’t miss this episode shaping the future of advisory services!

Episode 29

Future-Proof Accounting: Navigating Generative AI Advancements


Join Mark for a concise and thought-provoking discussion with Richard Snell of Aider as they explore the impact of Generative AI on the accounting industry. Is it a competitor or ally? Will SMBs bypass traditional advisors? How can accountants scale services with AI tools? We also tackle the challenge of “black box” perceptions and speculate on the biggest impacts five years from now. Tune in for a quick dive into the future of accounting and Generative AI.

Episode 28

Transforming Accounting: Building a Sustainable and Relevant Practice


Listen to Mark’s recent podcast, where he is joined by Sonia Gibson, Director at Accounting Heart Chartered Accountants. Explore the journey of sustainable accounting with insights on why it’s crucial in today’s evolving landscape. From addressing gender pay gaps to embracing innovation, discover the mindset shifts, skills, and practices needed for a contemporary and resilient accounting future.

Episode 27

Unlocking Business Success: A Conversation with Smith Thornton's Business Advisory Expert


Mark delves into the fascinating world of business advisory and the Strategy 360 Program with our guest, Jenna van Nierop from Smith Thornton. Join us as we explore the journey of creating a Business Advisory division. We also discuss the key steps business owners should take to gain a deeper understanding of their business performance. Jenna is the Access Group’s Young Gun of the Year for 2022 and has some valuable insights and behind-the-scenes stories you won’t want to miss!

Episode 26

Four Decades of Financial Insight: A Conversation with Cornish Accounting Solutions


Join Mark for an enlightening podcast session as he sits down with Paul Miller, Cornish Accounting Solutions’ founder, to explore the lessons learned from 40 years in the financial profession. Discover the secrets to building lasting client relationships, staying motivated, overcoming challenges, and the tech tools that have transformed their journey. Plus, get a sneak peek into what’s on the horizon for Cornish Accounting Solutions. Don’t miss this seasoned perspective on finance and business success!

Episode 25

The Future-Ready Accountant


Tune in to Mark’s latest podcast episode as we dive into the dynamic world of accounting and business advisory with Scott Monotti of Bstar. Discover how Bstar’s automated solutions are reshaping the industry landscape, and explore key trends Scott is seeing with Bstar’s Alliance Partners. Uncover the essential success factors for tomorrow’s accounting practices, from automation and staff dynamics to succession planning. Join us for actionable insights that will help you elevate fees, profitability, staff engagement, practice value and become a future-ready accountant. Don’t miss this episode packed with valuable strategies and expert advice.