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Keeping Clients Engaged and Happy

By Mark Holton / June 29, 2022

As an accountant in practice, you already know that providing excellent service is essential to retaining your clients. But believe it or not, you can provide your accounting clients with an experience that makes them not only likely to stick with you but can turn them into raving fans or as I often say; walking,…

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10 Questions for Client Strategic Planning Workshops

By Mark Holton / May 27, 2022

The purpose of a strategic planning workshop is to set overall goals for your client’s business and to develop a plan and actions to achieve them. It involves stepping back from their day-to-day operations and asking where their business is headed and what its priorities should be. Strategic planning workshops are a great way to…

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10 Business Advisory Selling Tips

By Mark Holton / April 26, 2022

Over the past 20 or so years I have often heard from some accounting team members, “I am an accountant, not a salesperson”. Maybe we haven’t need to concentrate on sales given we all have clients that return to us every year to get basically the same things done. Maybe the Government has been our…

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How Much Do Your Clients Want For Their Businesses When They Sell?

By Mark Holton / March 23, 2022

Most business owners wonder what their business will sell for when they come to exit, but many have no measurable method on which to base their assessment. Indeed, in my experience business owners want a certain amount of dollars for their business, but cannot explain any methodology which gets them there, or even close. If…

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Driving the Process for Knowledge Retention

By Mark Holton / February 18, 2022

One of the most valuable assets within an accounting practice is a combination of expertise, systems, and processes. Many practices go to great lengths to ensure their data is backed up and managed. Efficient disaster recovery plans are in place including cybersecurity protection but what are we doing to protect our knowledge? What does your…

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Developing your firm’s strategy checklist

By Mark Holton / January 21, 2022

Reviewing an accounting firms’ strategic structure is a valuable process for alignment of Partners to the firm’s strategic plan. In fact, it is a valuable process for any business and a perfect entry into more advisory based strategic planning services for your business clients. The following 15-point Strategy Checklist is a practical review to plan,…

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Identifying grants for businesses

By Mark Holton / November 22, 2021

Small and Medium businesses (SME’s) can access literally hundreds of government grants that are offered by the Australian, State and Territory governments throughout the year. Some of the common types of grants for businesses include: Research and Development The applicant must be a company, have undertaken a documented research and development project and complied with…

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A Business Advisory Success Model

By Mark Holton / October 26, 2021

Creating a successful model for business advisory success in an accounting firm requires a dedicated approach to the right structure, infrastructure, engagement and delivery systems and processes. While processes are important the most important factor is people and for that matter the right people who really want to be part of a new divisionalised service.…

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Identifying business grants for your clients

By Mark Holton / September 24, 2021

Small and Medium businesses (SME’s) can access literally hundreds of government grants that are offered by the Australian, State and Territory governments throughout the year. Being a trusted business advisor means this is another tool you can use to help your clients be aware of what is available. Some of the common types of grants…

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The keys to profit management

By Mark Holton / August 20, 2021

One of the major factors to be considered ineffective business management is the importance of profit. One method of applying effective profit management is by analysing key factors using an acronym known as SYCO: Service Yield Control of Costs Optimum Volume Service For many organisations, their product is the service they provide. Just as with…

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