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A Business Advisory Success Model

By Mark Holton / October 26, 2021

Creating a successful model for business advisory success in an accounting firm requires a dedicated approach to the right structure, infrastructure, engagement and delivery systems and processes. While processes are important the most important factor is people and for that matter the right people who really want to be part of a new divisionalised service.…

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Identifying business grants for your clients

By Mark Holton / September 24, 2021

Small and Medium businesses (SME’s) can access literally hundreds of government grants that are offered by the Australian, State and Territory governments throughout the year. Being a trusted business advisor means this is another tool you can use to help your clients be aware of what is available. Some of the common types of grants…

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The keys to profit management

By Mark Holton / August 20, 2021

One of the major factors to be considered ineffective business management is the importance of profit. One method of applying effective profit management is by analysing key factors using an acronym known as SYCO: Service Yield Control of Costs Optimum Volume Service For many organisations, their product is the service they provide. Just as with…

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How can you support your employee’s mental health?

By Mark Holton / May 24, 2021

The importance of mental health in the workplace has grown due to the unpredictable and anxiety-inducing events that occurred throughout 2020. Employees were forced to adopt entirely different living and working conditions, and many suffered damage to their mental health as a result. And accounting firms in particular were very affected with all of the…

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Role of risk management in growth of a business

By Mark Holton / January 25, 2021

Neglecting risk management when constructing a business strategy can prove costly down the track. Businesses often focus on growth and profitability, which is an integral part of business strategy, but an equally important aspect which helps keep the business stable is risk management. The necessity of employing and updating risk management strategies has become abundantly…

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Ways to improve cash flow

By Mark Holton / January 7, 2021

Signs of growing revenue and profits are ones that indicate your business is succeeding. This does not reduce the importance of continually making small changes that will improve profitability of the business. These are some changes you can make to improve the cash flow of your business. Send invoices straight away: The faster you send…

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Improving sales pitches by understanding your clients

By Mark Holton / December 10, 2020

Understanding what drives your clients to buy is a key factor in maintaining high levels of client engagement, even during economic uncertainty. In any business operation, sales pitches are responsible for bridging the gap between client needs and business products. You can improve your sales pitches and keep clients interested in your business by understanding…

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Evaluating the risks of business

By Mark Holton / November 12, 2020

Business owners are faced with constant challenges and decisions that often involve taking risks. While risk-taking can be a necessary part of running a new business, entrepreneurs need to make informed and thoughtful choices to avoid unnecessary damage to the business. To manage risk effectively, business owners need to be proactive in identifying and responding…

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The critical steps to a successful partnership

By Mark Holton / October 8, 2020

It is a tall order to ask for a business owner to manage everything alone, much less lead their business into success. This is why many successful businesses are born from partnerships. Partnerships can be advantageous to business owners looking to balance their complementary talents and personalities. Sharing the experience of running a business can…

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Find your business niche

By Mark Holton / September 24, 2020

When starting a new business venture, too often entrepreneurs look to do something cool and different instead of looking at the market and seeing what is needed. While finding your own business niche can be tricky, it doesn’t mean you have to come up with a whole new concept. Simply making a few unique changes…

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