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Podcast Library: Accounting Industry Insights with Mark Holton

The business of accounting is constantly changing with evolving cloud technologies and process reengineering by the Government to simplify compliance processing. Accounting practices are facing increased challenges to successfully compete in the marketplace and deliver improved value added services to business owners. To meet these challenges, practices need to assess are they in fact ready to offer a suite of powerful services. This podcast is for you if you are looking to hear what is happening in the accounting industry with Mark's experience and wide network sharing their knowledge with you.

Episode 6

Business Advisory Challenges - APS Insights


David Francis from APS sat down with me to discuss the current challenges facing accounting firms and small businesses in the current Australian economy including what he has seen over the last year.

Episode 5

UK Accounting Industry Insights


In this podcast episode, I talk with Gordon Gilchrist of 2020 Innovation in the UK. Gordon shares what he has seen happen in the accounting industry in the UK over the last 12 months and covers working virtually and how that has affected work culture, how do you approach training people virtually as well as how he thinks accounting firms can grow and thrive over the next few years.

Episode 4

Stronger Receivables Management for Accounting Firms


Malcolm Ebb of Fee Synergy joins me for the latest podcast episode. Malcolm started Fee Synergy nearly 15 years ago and his experience within the accounting industry is extensive. Find out how Fee Synergy came about, how Malcolm has seen accounting firms change and work over the last 15 years particularly coming through COVID-19, as well as his tips for accounting firms to grow and thrive over the next two-three years.

Episode 3

What lies ahead for accounting firms in 2021 and beyond?


In the latest podcast, I have Dave Birch of smartAR, based in New Zealand but servicing Australian firms as well, shares how he has seen firms on both sides of the Tasman manage COVID-19, what differences there have been in each country including the challenges, and what trends Dave thinks we will see in 2021 and beyond.

Episode 2

The Power of One


In this podcast session, I talk to Joss Milner CEO of Cashflow Story, to discuss what advisory services Joss has seen accounting firms globally implement. Joss will also talk about how accounting firms can grow their business advisory services coming out of COVID-19 and into the new normal as well as the importance of the power of one as a key consulting tool.

Episode 1

Business Advisory & COVID-19 - where are we at?


For the first podcast episode, I asked Peter Towers to share what he has seen after talking to many accountants around Australia during COVID-19. He shares his view on how COVID-19 has affected accounting firms, what specifically he has seen with some firms really taking advantage of the crisis and how he thinks Business Advisory offerings should be managed out of this. Peter has worked with accountants for many years and his insights are very valuable.